Climate Change

Have you ever considered that the global response to the climate crisis could be viewed as the very first geoengineering project?

By geoengineering project, I mean a project which affects an entire planet. It is not, quite obviously, the most coordinated effort, but there is a singular purpose behind carbon-cutting policies put in place in most countries: the reduction in the rate of change of our atmosphere.

The atmosphere had been mostly stable up until now. Every hundred million years or so an influx of one gas or another took place, but even during those events the rate of change in the atmosphere pales in comparison to today's crisis.

Human culture has the ability to change the nature of a planet with such power and efficiency that it has no equal. With great power comes great responsibility: I believe we should seriously look at using sulfuric acid to cool the planet.

We already have the proof of concept and technological ability to pull it off. What we lack is the necessary foresight. On the other hand, we have a limited window of opportunity where cooperation among world leaders will be possible. Droughts and floods will become politically destabilizing events before the end of the century. Global migration of plants and animals will spread more disease and make living generally harder.

With so much focus on political stability, maintaining democracy, and responding to natural disasters, the world is only going to become more hostile toward the idea of a shared scientific mission to change the entire atmosphere. The time to start educating people and investing in research (including large-scale experiments) is today.