Bluetooth keyboard on the remarkable without pogo connector

Table of Contents

The remarkable tablet does not grant access to the bluetooth radio so directly connecting an external keyboard is impossible without a pogo connector.

However, you can connect a bluetooth keyboard to a computer, and you can connect two devices to a single terminal. These instructions are for how to do that either using a linux computer or an android phone with termux installed.

Materials required

  • Remarkable tablet
  • Computer or an android phone with termux installed
  • Bluetooth keyboard

SSH Setup

Get the ip address and password from the Copyrights and licenses section of the help section of settings on the remarkable.

Set the IP in the ~/.ssh/config file on the computer.

Host re
  User root

Also change your router settings to make this IP address reserved for the remarkable device so that this file doesn't need to be updated constantly.

Copy the public key from your computer to the remarkable, using the password to login.

cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh re 'cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys'

Now ssh into the remarkable and generate a public-private key pair using dropbear.

ssh re
cd ~/.ssh
dropbearkey -t rsa -f id_dropbear | grep ssh-rsa > id_dropbear.pub

On the computer, copy the public key from the remarkable to the authorized keys on the computer.

ssh re 'cat ~/.ssh/id_dropbear.pub' >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Now the remarkable can ssh into the computer and the computer can ssh into the remarkable.

Remarkable software

SSH into the remarkable and install toltec using these instructions

Use toltec to install remux and yaft:

opkg update
opkg install remux yaft

Use vi to edit (or create) ~/.bashrc on the remarkable and add an alias to ssh into the computer and launch gnu screen. I've named it 'hp' after the manufacturer of my computer. The IP address of the computer must be specified and should also be reserved on the router.

alias hp="ssh -tt tyler@ 'export TERM=xterm && screen -x re || screen -S re'"

Computer software

Make sure gnu screen is installed or install it with apt install screen (pkg add screen on termux). Add a bash alias for connecting the same screen as the remarkable.

alias sc="screen -x re"

For a linux computer, ensure that the sshd service is running on your computer

systemctl status sshd

If it's not running or enabled, enable it with:

systemctl enable sshd
systemctl start sshd

For termux, install the Termux:Boot plugin and create a file at ~/.termux/boot/sshd-service.sh with the contents:



Use four fingers on the remarkable to bring up the remux app launcher. Launch yaft and type hp, or whatever you named the alias.

From the computer, type sc to connect to the same screen as the remarkable. Now any keyboard events will be shared between the two.